What Flowers to Include in Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet


In many parts of the world, people celebrate the Mother’s Day every second Sunday of May. On this particular day, many people send flowers to their mothers making it a super busy day for florists. There are so many bouquets on this day that one gets confused on what type to pick. What one should remember when making a selection is to choose one with the suitable flowers. Some of the flowers you can include in the bouquet include the following:

Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flowers. They express love, but each color has a different meaning. Light red carnations symbolize admiration while white carnations represent pure love. It is important to research so as to find out the different meaning of different colors to get the most suitable. Read more great facts on rose delivery, click here.

Many people take roses as the ultimate symbol of love, but they are also popular as Mother’s Day flowers. Each color of the roses gives a different meaning, for example, white roses represent innocence and purity while pink represent happiness and are chosen for this special day. Find out for further details on two dozen roses right here.

Lilies are also a popular choice of Mother’s day bouquet. A white bouquet is suitable on this occasion as they symbolize purity and innocence.

Just like roses, tulips come in different colors with different meanings. Red tulips represent pure love, and yellow tulips give the impression that “there is sunshine in your smile” while pink tulips signify care and well wishes. For this occasion, red, pink and yellow tulips are most suitable.

This is another type of flower that can be included in the Mother’s Day bouquet. They are a symbol of rebirth, regard, new beginnings, and unrequited love.

Ordering a Mother’s Day bouquet is easy as there are many online florists giving you the chance to send flowers to your mother even when miles away. Once you have decided on the bouquet that you want to send, you will then fill out a gift card, add the delivery information and make the payment. With just a couple hours lead time, the florists put together the arrangement and deliver it.

Gifting your mom with a bouquet of flowers on this special day gives you the opportunity to let her know how much you care and how grateful you are for what she means in your life. You can also include her favorite flowers to the bouquet you select since her preferences are as important as the meaning of the flowers.


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